Europe Road Trip: Lucerne, Switzerland

So we decided to fly out of zurich instead milan so that we can add in switzerland for this wonderful holiday. although h and I have been to several cities before, we did not see the countryside. driving from Lake Como in northern Italy through the Alps to Luzern in Switzerland turned to be a perfect opportunity to experience first hand the perfect picture swiss countryside with incredible lush green panorama. the most interesting part of the drive will be through the 17 km tunnel through the mountains. just get in and out of the tunnel ordeal given two hours of traffic and that the two paths merge into one. it is a bit of a drag but a very unique experience. I must confess to being clausterphobic though and after the first five kms, I can not wait for the tunnel to end. you can imagine there are stuck in the traffic jam or something?!

We spent the night in Luzern which seems to be a favorite with Indian cities - we are everywhere! we did not get much time to do a walk (besides a brisk walk by the lake) when we arrived late at night but we managed to dinner fondue that r1 and r2 really loved. it is a very new experience for them. r1 really liked dipping the bread in the fondue boiling stones. r2 did not care much for the cheese fondue but chomped down banana bits dunked in milk chocolate fondue. h and I enjoyed champagne fondue and mushrooms. we were all a little sad that night as it was the last day of our trip. Our drive to zurich bright and early to catch a flight back to bombay swiss air.

so that's it. hope you enjoy your trip European travel diary as much as we enjoy the adventure. sorry I did not keep the promise of blogging every day! Also, we went back two weeks ago - just explain since some of you think I'm still on vacation. back to blogging in bombay now.

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