A Quake and Current Happenings

I felt an earthquake at 5am this morning! My first time in a long time and I jumped to cover Tessa but she was sound asleep. It lasted about three second and was an aftershock after the first one I slept through. All is good and thank God we're safe.I do older posts lined up but I tend to give you the current happenings when we are going on a road trip. Again? Yes, for a special time with my family at the beach. Also, to squeeze in more of the summer. We have another long trip after this before we go back to Thailand. As much as I like taking road trips, I just want to go home. I know I know. Really I'm almost all pack to go!

Despite all the busyness I'll enjoy whatever time I have left here. Like walking outside to the backyard in the cool crisp air. I'm going to really miss the autumn air. It's my favorite time of the year.  Picking up a plumeria bloom and put it behind Tessa's ear for a 'no smile' picture. I do prefer these captured moments more as I do get frustrated at trying to get the '1-2-3 smile' ones.

That I can still cook something like Korean-Japanese fried brown rice. Tessa inhaled it for days.

My version of healthy instant noodles with white chicken meat, an egg, herbs and crispy romain lettuce. 
Being able to join the ladies every Tuesday morning for bible study here in our home church. Currently studying the book of Colossians. How can I not love Colossians? And the special touch of purple.

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