Sushi Zero One

I received a gift card from Sushi Zero One so I finally got a chance to grab lunch there to try it. They're a fairly small place and it seems like most people ordered take-out instead of eating there. I got my order as take-out too.

I opted for scallop rolls and my usual California rolls. (Man, I should probably do a post comparing California rolls from different restaurants.) As I've mentioned in my previous post, I usually feel like California roll and I also feel like it's the safest choice for my first-time visits to see how fresh their ingredients are. I noticed that Sushi Zero One does sell a day old sushi at a discount, but I chose the fresh one today. Their rolls were pretty good, but they didn't stand out from any other Japanese place I've been to. Though I did think they did a good job with the size of the rolls and the amount of rice.

Next time I come here, I'd like to try their udon as other reviewers have told me good things about it. Thank you for the gift card, Zero One Sushi! :)

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